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1, wood processing 

High temperature resin enclosed insecticidal vacuum dehydration anti-corrosion treatment automatic steam drying moisture testing moisture content is less than 812 degrees. 

2, assembly process 

High sanitary ware with mortise and tenon joint combined with traditional craft, the advantage for the product structure and firm, not easy to lead to deformation and cracking problems, no nailhole appearance, beautiful and easy. 

3, paint construction and technology 

's high sanitary ware all paint conforms to the national inspection standard, the harmful substance content of paint through Europe QC8000 authentication, achieve environmental protection standard. High sanitary ware with green paint, and paint, feel is soft, smooth and bright, not rotten mess, do not fade. 

4, carve patterns or designs on woodwork process 

High sanitary use pure manual sculpture, seiko fine cut, line downy, feel real good.